Parish Development model (PDM)

Parish development model is a strategy of government of Uganda for accelerating wealth creation and improving the quality of life of Ugandans by delivering services closer to all citizens.
Services to be delivered under PDM include
- Security
- Education
- Extension, Commercial, and community development services
- Health care
- Roads
- Storage
- Environmental services
- Processing
- Energy
- Information and communication technology
- Water
- Financial services
‘To increase household income and improve the quality of life for all Ugandans by bringing services closer to them’

The seven pillars of PDM
1. Agricultural value chain Development(Production, storage, value addition, processing and marketing)
2. Infrastructure and economic services
3. Financial inclusion
4. Social services
5. Mindset change and cross cutting issues
6. Parish development Management Information System
7. Governance and Administration

Who is the target beneficiary for PDM?
- PDM intends to benefit all citizens of Uganda in a given parish across the country
- The only exception are the loans to be offered under parish Revolving Fund(PRF) which is solely to be accessed by subsistence households in the parish

Financial Inclusion Pillar (Pillar 3)
The pillar seeks to eradicate poverty and vulnerability in Uganda by supporting access to financial services (loans, savings, payment Systems, insurance and leasing) to Ugandan households that derive their livelihood from the agricultural sector.
The Households are supported to run profitable enterprises at any node of the agricultural value chains, which eventually leads to the transformation of many households from working for food a lone
The pillar uses a holistic approach that involve;
- Delivery of business development services to prepare house holds for success
- Provision of loans to enable households invest in sustainable agri-business(income generating activities along the agricultural value chain)
- Protect farming enterprises from production skills through agriculture insurance
- Deliberate mobilization of savings by households that are stuck in subsistence living
- Promotion of investment and investment opportunities
- Mobilistaion of grant funding to finance parish wealth creation plans
- Delivery of digital financial services
From the above background, kanungu district received Parish Revolving funds a mounting to 10,445,379,083 shilling for all the parishes and disbursed 10,553,080,000 shillings by December 2023.
A total of 10,587 Households have benefited that includes 5757 females and 4830 males.