District council

The District Council is the highest political authority in the district Chaired by the District Speaker and assisted by the Deputy Speaker, with legislative, planning and executive powers. The District Council is a corporate body with perpetual succession and a common seal, and may sue or be sued in its corporate name.

Composition of Council

Kanungu District Council is composed of 47 elected councilors, 28 males and 19 females including those representing sub-county and Town Councils as well as those representing special interest groups District Council comprises of:

• The directly elected Chairperson,

• Directly elected councilors representing lower local governments,

• Directly elected Women councilors who must constitute one third of all council members,

• Two councilors representing youths (between 18-30 years - Male and Female) elected by the youths under the Electoral College system,

• Two councilors representing People with Disability (Male and Female) elected under the Electoral College system,

• Two councilors representing the elderly (50 years and above), appointed by the LLG executive committees and approved by the District council. Members of Parliament, who are ex-officio members. •

1 directly elected councilor representing workers Committees

The District has 5 standing committees, Executing committee and Business committee.

Standing committees

The 5 standing committees include;

-Works and technical services committee composed of 8 members chaired by Hon. Rogers Tumwesigye

- Social Services committee composed of 8 members chaired by Hon. Silver Rutazana

- Production committee composed of 8 members chaired by Hon. Rukundo Joshua

- Gender Committee composed of 8 members chaired by Hon. Annitah Ampumuza

- Finance committee composed of 8 members chaired by Hon. Rogers Tutuhukire

Functions of Standing Committees

- To review Bills for Ordinance in case of District Byelaws in case of lower Local government and motions presented to council and making recommendations tom council

- To scrutinize monthly expenditures, returns, contract awards and quarterly reports and making recommendations to council for appropriate action.

- To review sectoral budgets and recommend, to the committee responsible finance for consideration and integration into the Council’s Budget

- To monitor and review the performance of the respective sectors over which they have responsibility.

- To review all the resolutions and other matters relating to the subjects in which their jurisdiction and -

To report to council on their functions

- Consider or deal with Bills or other matters which are referred to it by a resolution of the council or by the Speaker and to produce an amended bill if the committee considers this to be necessary

- Monitor, investigate, inquire into and make recommendations relating to any aspect of the legislative programmes, budgets, rationalization, embezzlement, corruption, restructuring, functioning, Organizational structure, personnel, policy formulation and or any other matter referred to it by the council

- Initiate a Bill with in its area of competence

- Perform such other functions, tasks and duties In relation to council supervisor of the relevant District Department or statutory body falling with in the category of affairs assigned to it as may be prescribed by Act of Parliament.

District Executive Committee

. The committee is composed of 6 members chaired by the District Chairperson Hon. Eng. Arineitwe Sam Kajojo and is mandated to perform the executive functions of the council.

Business committee The committee is composed of 10 members chaired by the District Speaker Hon. Frank Byaruhana and determines the business of the council