Mr. Tweheyo Batega David

Chief Administrative Officer

I welcome you to the official website of Kanungu district Local Government an initiative to inform our beloved people on programs and activities of the District aimed at improving service delivery and well-being of the people of Kanungu District. Management of the district is mandated with the task of guiding the established structures and local government systems in all.
operations and strengthening strategies of ensuring that government policies are implemented for effective coordination and service delivery, systems management, and making sure that District Council resolutions are effectively implemented.
The management of the district works tirelessly to Serve the Community through Coordinated Delivery of Services which Focus on National Priorities and Local Significant Needs, in Order to Promote Socio-Economic Development of the District so as to fulfill its mission and achieve its set goals.
Allow me to highlight some of the invest opportunities in the District so that we can pattern together; existence of 3 airfields which promotes local investments in the area, good soils used for the production of coffee in one side of the District, tea, cotton, rice, matooke, Irish potatoes, silk production, vanilla, honey production, existence of Water bodies for fish production, power generation, water for irrigation and for household use, a tropical type of climate receiving reasonable and fairly well distributed annual rains favorable for agriculture, Mining opportunities, Tourism industry among others.
Kanungu district local government is composed of 11 departments that is Administration, Finance, Statutory Bodies, Production, Education, Health, Natural Resources, Trade, industry and economic development, Planning and Community Based Services all headed by different heads of department supported by different technical staff that work together for the betterment of the district.
We feel this website will go a long way to provide a linkage between Kanungu District Local Government and the people we serve.
On behalf of Kanungu District Local Government, I invite you to explore/ browse our website and learn more about the services we offer.