Trade Industry & Local Development

The Department of Trade, Industry and Local Economic Development is a Multi Sectoral Department established under the Understanding between various Ministries to coordinate  the key activities in the sector that is meant to steer development of the District and the Country at large through influence in enhanced commercial production and marketing of goods and services .

  The activities of the sector are key in enhancing economic development through the sector ability to create employment opportunities and stimulating higher incomes and wellness of the Local Communities.

The department development plan is developed to carry on any unfulfilled interventions laid out in the National Development plan II by then, under the Production  department as Commercial Services, and consolidating all efforts and resources to operationalise interventions that will enable the sector to achieve the strategic objectives as laid out in the Third National Development Plan (NDP III).

Mandate of the department : Participate in review and to support policies, strategies, plans and  programs that promote and ensure that expansion and diversification of Trade, Cooperatives, environmentally sustainable industrialization, appropriate technology development and transfer and use, to generate wealth for poverty eradication and benefit the district and the country socially and economically.  

The department also works to support the district and the country at large through the Local Economic Development (LED) Programme which is the sixth pillar of decentralization. 

LED is a process where Local Governments work together with the private sector and local community jointly and collectively engage in identification, mobilization, management and initialization of resources at the local level. This further stimulates and empowers households in wealth creation and hence improved livelihoods. The reasons why we believe establishment of  the District Investment Forum and or District Local Economic Development Forum is critical and should be all inclusive to be constituted by  the Government, Private sector representatives, Non-Governmental Organisations and the Community representatives . 

The department activities also support the aspirations of Agenda 2030 which is to devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism which creates jobs, promotes local culture and products