Road, Water & Sanitation

His Excellence Y.K. Museveni launching NWSC water project in Kanungu district
  1. Routine maintenance and rehabilitation of roads are executed by the district annually. By maintaining roads, Kanungu District aims at improving access to social service, facilities (schools and Health Units), tourist sites and marketing of agricultural produce, in the district. Road interventions include manual routine maintenance by road gangs as well as mechanized routine maintenance through use of district machinery and equipments.
  2. Construction (opening of new roads) to improve market access for agricultural produce and enhance rural household incomes, and to connect to commercial and social service centers. The following are some the rural feeder road projects. 
  3. Providing access to improved water sources by construction of new water points in rural areas.
  4. Rehabilitation and repair of broken water sources, maintaining water sources by fencing and ensuring functionality of water user committees