In Kanungu District, good progress has been made on different projects that include EDUCATION & SPORTS PROJECTS, TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATION, HEALTH & SANITATION among many other development projects.

Rukungiri -Ishasha, Kanungu Road under construction by CHICO, among the ongoing Projects

under health and sanitation, more projects have been done in the financial year 2020/2021. and they include the following.

  1. Remodeling of maternity wards. on 26th may 2021 4 health Centre maternity wards in Kanungu District were handed over after completion by Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDs Foundation. The facilities handed over were Kanungu Health Centre iv, Katete Health centre iii, Kayonza Health Centre iii and Mpungu Health centre iii.

2. Launching of Health facilities. Two health facilities ie Kirima Health Centre iii and Bugongi Health Centre ii were launched by the district leadership and a team from Ministry of Health, arch Design and Excel Construction limited. the two facilities recieved 1.77billion and 1.5billion shillings respectively. the following is the work to be done as per each facility. Kirima Health Centre iii;

  • Building new OPD
  • maternity ward
  • blocks of staff
  • installing solar
  • borehole
  • placenta Pit
  • Medical Waste pit
  • Incenerator and Fence

Bugongi health Centre II;

  • customised Maternity ward and general Ward
  • block of staff house
  • New OPD
  • installing solar
  • borehole
  • placenta Pit
  • Medical Waste pit
  • Incenerator and Fence

3. Ground breaking for Ntungamo Health centre. on 6th April 2021 Ntungamo Health Centre was officially launched and being upgraded from a Health Centre II to Health Centre III. the job description of the construction company was to construct a maternity and general ward mainly;

  • prenatal ward
  • Delivery room
  • Post Natal Ward
  • Female Ward
  • Male ward
  • Children’s ward
  • Nurse station
  • Assisted Bathroom
  • Linen Store
  • Sterile room
  • Sterile store
  • Sluice room
  • Placenta Pit
  • Medical waste Pit
  • Apit Latrine with Bathrooms

4. Completion and Handover of Matanda Health Centre III. Matanda health Centre II was upgraded to health Centre III. The new structure which was worth 457 Million shillings was constructed by RICKY constructors. Matanda which was always over crowded by patients from Matanda, Nyamirama, Bwambara, Kasese and DR Congo.

Under Education Department, the following are the projects that have been done and completed in the financial year 2020/2021

  1. Construction of 2 classrooms at Kaniabizo p/s in Nyamirama sub county.
  2. Construction of 2 classrooms at Rugandu p/s in Rutenga sub county.
  3. Construction of 2 classrooms at Bugoro p/s in Kinaaba sub county.
  4. Construction of 3 classrooms at Nshaka p/s in Nyakinoni sub county
  5. Completion of 4 classrooms at Muhumuza p/s in Kambuga sub county.
  6. Completion of 3 classrooms at Rutendere p/s in Kayonza sub county.