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The current status of Kanungu Covid -19 cases :

Total 38
3 deaths
21 active
14 recoveries

The Chairperson Covid-19 task force Kanungu district requests all residents who had contacts with Covid-19 Patients to go for testing and 14 Mandatory days of self isolation.

The public is reminded to be more vigilant as the spread of Covid-19 in Kanungu is increasing rapidly.

"Please follow the guidelines during campaign and public gathering as strict as you can because health is wealth" Hajj. Shafiq Said.

He has emphasised that more guidelines will be given on the radio pragramme today at 08:30Pm Monday K.B.S radio, Thursady at 08:15Pm Kanungu F.M radio and on Friday at 05:00Pm Kinkiizi radio.

Dr.Ssebude Stephen DHO Kanungu reminds all contacts that the samples can be taken from Kihiihi Health centre iv, Kanungu Health Centre iv ( Katate), Bwindi Community Hospital and Kambuga hospital.

Reported by: T.Mwajuma Twaha Adams DCIO Kanungu.

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Recue Africa Uganda a Non Governmental Organization based in Buhoma T.C gave out food worth 8,150,000= to different categories of people. These include, thirty teaching and non teaching staff two schools, Bwindi Heritage High school, Grand Haven P/S, thirty batwa families and 200 Orphans.
The function was officiated by the Deputy RDC Emmy Ngabirano who requested the donors to consider more agricultural inputs to focuse on promoting farming.

He thanked Resue Africa headed by Pastor Mananse for the commitment, this being the fourth time they are giving out food to the community who were mostly affected due to Covid-19, yet they depended mostly on Tourism.

Pastor Manase Twinamatsiko the director Resue Africa Uganda thanked the taskforce Kanungu headed by RDC for their commitment to control the pandemic in Kanungu and the country at large.

He commended the donors who have been helping the Community sorrounding the National park to survive knowing that the life has not been easy since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Published by : T.Mwajuma Twaha Adams DCIO Kanungu.

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The number of Covid-19 cases has risen from 19 to 28( Twenty eight)
Among the thirty five direct contacts of the deceased from Bujengwe Kayonza seven have confirmed positive and their other two from Kanungu.

The other results of the deceased's direct contacts are not yet out.

The district Chairperson Task force requests the public to be more vigilant and those whose results are not yet to remain under self isolation.

" We must work together as ateam to over come the pandemic" Hajj. Shafiq Said.
He requests the public to pay attention to the radio programmes today Monday K.B.S at 08:30Pm, Thursaday 08:15 Kanungu F.M and Friday 05:00Pm Kinkiizi F.M for more precautions on the Pandemic.

Reported By: T.Mwajuma Twaha Adams DCIO Kanungu

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Kanungu district on Wednesday 11.Nov.2020 registered another Covid death. The patient had been bed ridden under critical condition and later referred to Mulago hospital. He died on his way to Mulago.
The burial arrangements were conducted normally, little did they know that the patient died of Covid-19 because the results were not yet out.

On getting the results today, it was found out that the patient died of Covid 19.

Three cases I.e
One death and was buried last Wednesday in Kayonza.
Two admitted.
The number of covid-19 has raisen to 18 in Kanungu including two deaths.

Mr.Katto Besisira DHI requests the public to be alert and strictly follow the guidelines.
Reminding the public that the second death case was buried normally, results were not yet out and the health department can't guarantee the safety of people who were at the burial.

NB: All those who are sure that they were in direct contact with the deceased should undergo self isolation and test for Covid-19.

Published by: T.Mwajuma Twaha Adams DCIO Kanungu.

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The Food relief worth 4,000,000= ( Four million shillings) was given by Rottary club Kabale to different categories of people around Bwindi Impenetrable National park.

These include:
1.Schools with finalists that is:
* Buhoma Community Primary School, *St.Mathew Primary and Nursery School, *Karangara Nursery and Primary school.
Each received 100kgs of Posho, 30kgs of beans and a box of Soap.

One the other hand, Bwindi Community hospital support staff also received 63 bags of Posho.
34 families from Mukongoro received 10kgs of Posho, 5Kgs of beans and a bar of soap respectively.

The district task force who were present including the DEO Kanungu Sunday Charles also a member of Rotary club Kihiihi, thanked the Rottary club Kabale for their commitment and passion they have to the people of Kanungu particularly those of Bwindi who were mostly hit by the pandemic.

Peace Taremwa District governor Nominee for district 92.14 Uganda, Tanzania thanked the district officials for the good cooperation.

He further, thanked the Chairperson BMCDA' Richard Ngabirano for the good working relationship with Rotary club and requested the district officials of Kanungu to join Rottary club reminding them that " Rottary club is a family with heart that needs more hands".

In presence, the Former President Rottary club Kabale Agaba John Bosco, Mr.Ndomeirwe James and OC.Police Bwindi.

Published by: T.Mwajuma Twaha Adams DCIO Kanungu.

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