Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources comprises of the Natural Resources Office, the Lands and Physical Planning Office as well as the Forestry, Environment & Wetlands Office. It is charged with the responsibility of ensuring sustainable and productive utilisation of natural resources for poverty reduction, enhanced economic growth and improved livelihoods. The major causes of the deterioration the quality and the quantity of the natural resource base is associated with human activity. There is massive deforestation particularly on privately owned land where most of the districts tree resources are. This is closely followed by wetland degradation as a result of cultivation of crops. Other threats are soil erosion whose magnitude and impact has never been quantified.

MANDATE: Our mandate is to ensure attainment of sustainable development through rational utilization of environmental resources for inter and intra-generational equity.

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State of Wetlands

The district is also endowed with a number of wetlands both seasonal and permanent, which serve as water reservoirs and other ecological functions.

  • Number of rivers and lakes:                                                                                 10%
  • Percentage of wetlands used for papyrus harvesting: (grass)                 5%
  • Reclamation for human settlement and activities: (agriculture  livestock)          95%

Land use

  • Percentage of land under agriculture:                                                                  64%
  • Percentage of land under commercial farming:                                                  4%
  • Percentage of land occupied by forest reserves:                                                22%

Natural and planted forests

Kanungu District was endowed with forests, trees and woodlands.  However, most of the forests remaining are in the protected areas.  Over 90% of the population of Kanungu depends on forests and trees as fuel wood, furniture and building. 

Type of ForestSize
Natural  Forests82 acres
Plantations1806 acres
Central Forest Reserves497 Hectares
District/Local Forest reserves76 Hectares