Health & Sanitation


The health Department oversees the provision of health services in the district. Working with several other partners, we deliver primary health care in the areas of promotive, preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative health services.

With 459 heath workers, we provide curative and preventive health care through 3 hospitals (2privately owned), 2 health centre IV, 9 Health centre III, 13 health centre 34 and village health teams. The range of services include: maternity and child welfare services; the control of communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis; control of the spread of disease in the district; rural ambulance services; primary health care services; vector control; environment sanitation; health education.

We have consistently attained high ranking in the national league table and rated among the first 50 districts. Progress in improving the health standards of our community has been attained as indicated by: a percentage vaccine coverage of 52%, 57% deliveries of pregnant mothers in health units, a 100% out-patient department (OPD) per capita utilization, and a comprehensive HIV/AIDS service coverage of 98% and a prevalence rate of 7.2%, sanitation coverage of 98%, reduction in sanitation related diseases occurrence by 10%).

HC III1394

Summary Above shows Health facilities in the district

Detailed per Sub County

Sub countyParishFacilityLevelOwn
KambugaBugongiBugongiH C IIGovt
NyarutojoNyarutojoHC IIGovt
Kambuga TCNorthernKambugaHosp.Govt.
Katete Mbulamizi BarracksHCIIIGovt
KateteKateteHC IIIGovt.
KirimaRubimbwaRubimbwaHC IIGovt.
RutugundaKitariroHC IINGO
KirimaHC IIIGovt
BushuraKazuruHC IIGovt.
Kanungu Town CouncilWestern WardKanunguHC IVGovt.
Southern W.MakiroHC II1NGO
NorthernMazzoldiHC IIGovt
Western WardNyakatareHC II1NGO
Eastern WardKifujoHC IINGO
RugyeyoNyarurambiRugyeyoHC IIIGovt.
 Rugyeyo Com  HospitalHospitalPPH
MishenyiMishenyiHC IIGovt.
KihiihiNkundaBushereHC IINGO
KibimbiriKibimbiriHC IINGO
Kihihi TCCentral WardKihiihiHC IVGovt.
Northern WardNyamwegabiraHC IIINGO
Western wardBihomborwaHC IIGovt.
NyangaNyangaKazingaHC IINGO
NyakinoniNyarurambiNyakinioniHC IINGO
NyakashureSamariaHC IIGovt
KanyantorogoBuremaKanyantorogoHC IIIGovt
KihembeKihembeHC IINGO
NyamigoyeBugiriHC IINGO
Butogota TCNorthern WardKayonza Tea FactoryHC II1NGO
Central WardButogotaHCIINGO
Central WardNtungamoH C IIGovt.
NyamiramaNtungwaNyakashoziHC IINGO
RushakaRushakaHC IINGO
NtungwaNyamiramaHC IIIGovt.
MpunguKarambiMpunguH C IIIGovt.
MpunguKanyanshogyeHC IINGO
RutengaKatojoRutengaHC IIIGovt.
MafugaMafugaHC IIIGovt.
KinaabaKinabaKinaabaHC IINGO
KinabaHC IIGovt.
KayonzaBujengweKayonzaHC IIIGovt.
KarangaraKarangaraHC IIGovt
KyesheroKyesheroHC IINGO
MukonoBwindi Com HospitalHospitalNGO