Mr. Karuhanga Pascal Head Of Finance

Finance department headed by Mr. Karuhanga Pascal Head Of Finance is composed of sub-sectors which include; Audit, Procurement Unit and Planning Unit. It is one of the biggest departments in the District whose objectives are to;

  1. Identify and expand the revenue base:
  2. Build Finance and Management Capacity at district level; and
  3. Strengthen Data Management systems, Revenue VRS and to influence demographic trends & patterns in a desirable direction.

Budgetary allocations by departments for FY 2019/2020

DepartmentBudget Allocation                 (%) share
Administration3,322,051                        9.0
Finance579,527                        1.6
Statutory Bodies914,886                        2.5
Production                                                    1,612,221                        4.4
Health9,033,657                      24.4
Education and sports17,316,817                      46.8
a) Roads and Engineering1,610,460                        4.4
b) Water352,149                        1.0
Natural Resources804,982                        2.2
Community Based Services1,039,273                        2.8
Planning241,025                        0.7
Internal Audit169,944                        0.5
GRAND TOTAL36,996,992 
Source: District Budget for FY 2018/2019