Education & Sports


Provision of education services is overseen by the Education Department.  Our education services cover nursery, primary, secondary, special education and technical education. Funding for services is mainly by Government, parents and partners.

Since 2002, we have been providing Universal Primary education services.  With the introduction of Universal Primary Education (UPE), primary school enrollment increased from million in the year 2002 to 49,960 in 2017. Other tangible results include increased enrollment of girl-child education. We provide basic education to 70,216 (49,960+ 20256) pupils in 135 public and 83 private schools, with a teaching staff of 1080. We provide infrastructure namely, 978 classrooms and 111 teachers’ houses in schools.

Our service indicators are: a pupil to latrine ratio of 37:1; pupil to classroom ratio of 47:1; pupil to desk ratio of 4:1; and the pupil to text book ratio of 10:1. The pass rates and performance in national examinations has greatly improved and increased from 94.8% in 2008 to 96% in 2017 while the number of candidates with ungraded marks have reduced from 3.3% to 2.0% during the same period. In 2017 alone, 322 pupils and another 2371 passed in division 1 and 2 respectively.

We have 17 public secondary schools with 7,744 students and 19 privately owned secondary schools. So far, 25 schools (public and private) participate in Universal secondary education (USE). We have 4 government aided tertiary institutions with 903 students.


Sub-CountyGovernment  AidedPrivateTotal
Kihihi S/C0549
Nyanga S/C0639
Kihiihi Tc071017
Kambuga S/C12416
Kambuga Tc0448
Rutenga S/C1119
Kinaaba S/C1215
Kanungu Tc131021
Kanyantorogo S/C12921
Kayonza S/C13619
Butogota Tc0527
Mpungu S/C0549
Katete S/C0538
Nyakinoni S/C0426
Kirima S/C09615
Nyamirama S/C09413

Table showing primary School in Kanungu district


Name of the SchoolOwnershipSub-CountyCounty
Alliance Academy SSSPrivateKambuga TCKinkiizi East
Aunt Carol SSSPrivateKanungu TCKinkiizi East
Bishop  Calist  MpunguGovernmentMpunguKinkiizi West
Bishop Comboni CollegeGovernmentKambuga TCKinkiizieast
Bright Future HSPrivateKihiihi TcKinkiizi West
Buhoma Community HSPrivateKayonzaKinkiizi West
Burema SSSGovernmentKanyantorogoKinkiizi West
Trinity College ButogotaGovernmentButogota TCKinkiizi West
Bwindi HeritagePrivateKayonzaKinkiizi West
Citizens Standard HSPrivateKihiihi TcKinkiizi West
Kambuga SSSGovernmentKambuga TCKinkiizi East
Kanyantorogo SSSPrivateKanyantorogoKinkiizi West
Kihihi Moslem SSSPrivateKihiihi TCKinkiizi West
Kihihi HSGovernmentKihiihi TCKinkiizi West
Kings HS RugyeyoPrivateRugyeyoKinkiizi East
Kinkiizi HSGovernmentKanungu TcKinkiizi East
Kirima Community SSSGovernmentKirimaKinkiizi East
Kyeshero Vocational SSSPrivateKayonzaKinkiizi West
London Image High SchoolPrivateRugyeyoKinkiizi East
Makiro Hill Girls SSSPrivateKanungu TCKinkiizi East
Nyakabungo GirlsGovernmentRugyeyoKinkiizi East
Nyakinoni Secondary SchoolGovernmentNyakinoniKinkiizi West
Nyamirama  Seed  SchoolGovernmentNyamiramaKinkiizi West
Nyamiyaga SSSGovernmentKayonzaKinkiizi West
Nyanga Community SSSGovernmentNyangaKinkiizi West
Rugyeyo SSSGovernmentRugyeyoKinkiizi East
Rushoroza Seed SchoolGovernmentKihiihi S/CKinkiizi West
San Giovanni SchoolGovernmentKanungu TCKinkiizi East
St Augustine RutengaGovernmentRutengaKinkiizi East
St Charles Lwanga  ZoromaPrivateKambugaKinkiizi East
St Eriminio HS RushorozaPrivateKihiihiKinkiizi West
St Luis Girls SSSPrivateKambuga TCKinkiizi East
St Pius NyamwegabiraGovernmentKihiihi TCKinkiizi West
St Teresa Girls CalcuttaPrivateKihiihi TCKinkiizi West
St. Donati Secondary schoolPrivateKayonzaKinkiizi West
St. Marys secondary schoolPrivateKanungu TCKinkiizi East
Pre Primary0100
Teacher Training Colleges0001
Technical College0400