Education Services

Pupils in one of the Primary School in Kanungu district

Provision of Universal Primary education services.  With the introduction of Universal Primary Education (U.P.E), primary school enrollment increased from million in the year 2002 to 49,960 in 2017.

  • Construction of infrastructure like classrooms, latrines and teachers’ houses in schools to fulfill a pupil to latrine ratio of 37:1 and pupil to classroom ratio of 47:1
  • supply of pupil’s text books in different schools to fulfill the pupil to text book ratio of 10:1.
  • Supply of seats and desks to primary schools to fulfill pupil to desk ratio of 4:1.
  • Improving and increasing the pass rates and performance in national examinations.
  • Supervising all schools in the district to ensure better service delivery to both students and the entire community.
  • Conduction and facilitating sports activities in the district annually