Administration & Statutory Bodies

The role of the Local Governments is to implement and monitor government programmes at the respective levels. Council consists of 33 councilors representing different Lower local governments (Sub-counties and Town Councils) and special interest groups. The civil service is headed by the Chief Administrative Officer, under are nine Departments headed by Departmental heads.

The organizational structure of the district administration department is as follows respectively; CAO, DCAO, Principal Assistant secretary, personal secretary CAO, Principal HRO, Human Resource Officer, Senior Resource Officer, Records Officer, Assistant records, Communications Officer, IT Officer, Office Attendant, Assistant Records officer, Senior Assistant secretary.

Statutory body by definition is a body set up by law and authorized to enact legislation on behalf of the relevant country or state. It is an autonomous corporate body.


Department of council and statutory bodies is composed of:

  1. Council
  2. District service commission
  3. District land board
  4. Procurement and disposal unit ( contract committee).
  5. Local government public accounts committee.

Statutory Body Vision: “having a well technically guided and effective council and statutory boards in spearheading policy formulation and implementation decisions reached that are capable of promoting socio-economic development in the district”

Statutory Body Mission: “to have in place competent council and statutory boards that is well coordinated for timely and effective service delivery in the district”