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hello, welcome to kanungu district website, you can check in opportunities then jobs to see the available jobs at kanungu district local government. deadline is 18th /FEB/2021.

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ugandans to fill the following vacant posts that exist in Kanungu District, Kanungu Town Council,Kambuga Town Council, Butogota Town Council and Kihihi Town Council.  Application forms  – Public Service Form 3(PSF 3) Revised 2008, ESC Form 3(1998) revised  for Teachers and Applicants summary forms can be obtained from Secretaries of District Service Commissions and Public Service Commission – Farmers House, Kampala and should be filled in triplicate (3 copies) submitted to the Secretary District Service Commission, P. O. Box 1 – Kanungu not later four(4) weeks from the date of  publication of the advert.

Serving officers should route their application forms through their heads of department who should be informed of the closing date to avoid delay.

Applicants are required to attach certified photocopies of academic certificates, transcripts, Registration Certificates for professional cadres and other supporting documents. Three (3) recent passport size photographs must accompany all applications.  The job title and reference number of the vacancy applied for must be quoted.

Details of job descriptions can be accessed on the Ministry of Public Service website at or Kanungu District Service Commission notice board.

Female candidates who qualify are encouraged to apply.


DEPARTMENT                        :         ADMINISTRATION

  1. Post title                             :        District Engineer  

    Job Ref No.                         :         DSC: 156/KAN/ADM/01/2021

    No. of Vacancies                 :         1 (One)

    Salary Scale                         :         UIE SC  


  • Should hold an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized University or Institution.
  • Should  also have a Masters in an engineering discipline.
  • Should be a registered Engineer with Ugandan Engineers Registration Board (UERB).
  • At least nine (9) years in a civil engineering Job three of which should have been at the level of  Principal Engineer (Civil) in Government or equivalent level of experience from a reputable organization.


  • Providing technical advice and guidance  to stake holders;
  • Preparing technical specifications of contracts;
  • Supervising all the technical works in the District;
  • Preparing work plans and budgets for the technical works in the District;
  • Approving buildings and other  structural plans;
  • Developing and maintaining  water and sanitation systems; and
  • Enforcing  engineering and works policies.
  • Post title                             :        Principal Human Resource Officer

    Job Ref No.                         :         DSC: 156/KAN/ADM/02/2021

    No. of Vacancies                 :         1 (One)

    Salary Scale                         :         U2


  • An Honors Bachelors Degree in Human Resource  or Social Sciences or Arts or Commerce or Business Administration with a recognized bias in HR field such as HRD or HRM or Organizational Development studies; plus
  • A PGD in HRM or masters’ degree in HR studies or Business Administration or PAM or any related field is a requirement.
  • At least six years   in the field of HRM three of which should have been at the level of SHRO or Equivalent in a reputable institution.


  • To ensure the implementation of existing HR policies, regulations and practices and monitor their implications in their Public Service Agency;
  • To coordinate the recruitment and selection process in the Local Government ;
  • To Coordinate the performance management function in the Local Government
  • To coordinate  staff training  and development  (HRD) Programmes
  • To coordinate salary and payroll management process;
  • To Coordinate the formulation and implementation HR Planning Programmes;
  • To receive and attend to matters pertaining to employee relations, grievances and complaints.
  • To approve and make submissions on pension, gratuity and other terminal benefits.
  • To approve and make submissions on pension, gratuity and other terminal benefits.
  • To provide guidance and counseling to staff on HRM issues.
  • Post title               :   Town Clerk /Principal Township Officer (Re- Advertised)

    Job Ref No.             :  DSC: 156/KAN/TC/03/2021

    No. of Vacancies    :  1 (One)

    Salary Scale           :   U2 Lower


  • An Honors Degree in Social Science, Development Studies, Social Work and Social Administration or Law or Commerce (Management option) or Business Administration (Management option) or Business   (Management option) or Management Science or Urban Planning and Management from a recognized University.
  • Certificate in Administrative Law from a recognized institution.
  • A Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management or Urban Planning and Management or Development Studies or Finance and Accounting from a recognized University/Institution.
  • At least six (6) years of working experience three (3) of which should have been at the level of Senior Township Officer or Senior Assistant Town Clerk Scale U3 in Government or equivalent level of experience in Urban Administration


  • Managing and coordinating the implementation of National policies, regulations, Programmes, projects and Council decisions in the Town Council;
  • Providing technical advice to council on administrative and legal matters pertaining to the management of the Town Council;
  • Developing and coordinating plans and budgets for Council activities;
  • Providing safe custody and accountability for resources, records and other facilities of the council;
  • Enhancing collaboration linkages with other Local Councils and organizations both within and outside the Town Council on matters pertaining to development;
  • Developing and maintaining infrastructure in the Town Council including roads and buildings.
  • Post title                             :        Senior Accountant 

    Job Ref No.                         :         DSC: 156/KAN/ADM/04/2021

    No. of Vacancies                 :         1 (One)

    Salary Scale                         :         U3 Lower


  • Either. An Honors Bachelors’ Degree in either Commerce (Accounting option) or Business Administration (Accounting option) or Business studies  (Accounting option) or Finance and Accounting  and plus a Post graduate Diploma in Financial management or Business Administration from a recognized Institution.
  • Or. Full professional qualification in Accountancy such as ACCA, CPA, ACIS, and CPE obtained from a recognized awarding institution / body accredited by ICPAU; plus a minimum of a  post graduate  Diploma in Financial management or Business Administration  from a recognized  institution;
  • At least 3 years of working experience as an Accountant in Public or reputable organization.


  • Preparing periodic financial statements and reports for the District;
  • Preparing and reconciling bank statements to iron out  discrepancies with the cash book;
  • Carrying out daily financial adjustments from vouchers and ledgers;
  • Providing answers to audit queries and inquiries.
  • Supervising Accounts staff and evaluating their  performance; and 
  • Processing and effecting staff payments in time.
  • Post                           :         Education Assistant II   

Job Ref No.               :         DSC: 156/KAN/ADM/05/2021

    Salary Scale               :         U7 Upper

    No. of Vacancies       :        (48)


  • Minimum of a Grade III teaching Certificate or the equivalent from a recognized Institution.
  • Registered  with the Ministry of Education and Sports .


  • To Prepare the Schemes of work and lesson plans in line with the approved curriculum on termly and weekly basis.
  • To conduct  lessons and remedial work according to the set timetable
  • To participate in setting, administering and marking internal and external  examinations.
  • To carry out continuous  assessment and evaluation of Pupils performance
  • To prepare and select appropriate learning aids/ materials for classrooms teaching.
  • To keep and maintain class records/ inventory (registers, records  of work, progress reports and equipment)
  • To guide and counsel pupils
  • To participate in class meetings
  • To serve as classroom teacher
  • To participate in co-curricular activities and community activities
  • To conduct any other duties assigned that are related to the profession.
  • Post                           :         Dental Surgeon

Job Ref No.               :         DSC: 156/KAN/HLTH/06/2021

     Salary Scale              :         U4 Med

     No. of Vacancies      :        (01)


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from a recognized university or institution.
  • Must be registered with the Medical and Dental Practitioners Council.


  • Participating in diagnosis, treatment and proper management of patients.
  • Carrying out Oral and Dental health education for patients and the entire community.
  • Reviewing and evaluating patients undergoing treatment.
  • Imparting knowledge and skills to students and staff in the hospital.
  • Participating in research activities.
  • Managing and accounting for allocated resources.
  • Compiling and submitting periodic reports.
  • Post                           :         Dispenser

   Job Ref No.                :         DSC: 156/KAN/HLTH/07/2021

     Salary Scale              :         U5 Med

     No. of Vacancies      :        (02)


  • Must have a Diploma in Pharmacy or its equivalent from a recognized Institution.
  • Must be registered and licensed with the Allied Health Professionals Council.


  • Planning for dispensing activities in the hospital;
  • Registering all medicines given to patients ;
  • Advising patients and attendants on proper use and storage of medicines;
  • Advising Clinicians and other Health Professionals on prescriptions;
  • Making requisitions for medicines and health supplies from stores;
  • Assisting in the Preparation of quality compounded medicines and infusions;
  • Reporting expired and damaged medicines;
  • Compiling and submitting reports; and
  • Participating in research activities.
  • Post                           :         Tourism Officer

        Job Ref No            :         DSC: 156/KAN/ADM/08/2021

        Salary Scale :         U4

        No. of Vacancies   :        (01


  • Should have an Honors’ Degree in either languages, Tourism and Travel, Leisure and Hospitality, Business Studies or Marketing from a recognized education and training institution.
  • At least 1 year working experience with museums or in any commercial area of sales, marketing and retailing.


  • Supervising staff
  • Preparing tourist or visitor information
  • Producing promotional material and displays
  • Managing budgets
  • writing reports, business plans and press releases
  • Making presentations
  • Maintaining statistical and financial records
  • Undertaking day-to-day Centre management and administration
  • Liaising with local businesses and the media
  • Carrying out market research.
  • Post                                    :         Senior Law Enforcement Officer

    Job Ref No.                    :         DSC: 156/KIH/09/2021

         Salary Scale                   :         U5

         No. of Vacancies            :        (01)


  • “O” Level Education plus a Diploma in Law with formal training in policing and Criminal
  • Investigation activities from a recognized institution


  • Apprehending and prosecuting offenders;
  • Protecting life and property of the community;
  • Ensuring support to the revenue/tax collection personnel;
  • Assisting staff during their inspection and arresting defaulters; and
  • Sensitizing the public about their role in combating crime.
  1. Post                               :         Physical Planner

    Job Ref No.                    :         DSC: 156/TC/KBG/10/2021

         Salary Scale                   :         U4Sc

         No. of Vacancies            :        (01)


  • An Honors Bachelors Degree in either Physical Planning; Regional Planning; Urban Planning or any other relevant qualification from a recognized training Institution.
  • Knowledge of computer software application packages specially Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.) and Automated Computer Aided Design(AUTOCAD)


  • Planning towns and trading centres in the District;
  • Guiding developers in processing proper building plans;
  • Enforcing the Town and County Planning Act, 1964; and other relevant laws;
  • Drawing the structural land use layout;
  • Drawing site plans for plot (building) developments and processing their approval;
  • Demarcating plots in towns/ trading centres;
  • Inspecting structures/ buildings in town/ trading centres to ensure compliance with the land use plan;
  • Maintaining the District planning information, equipment and records; and
  • Guiding District Authorities on balanced development.
  1. Post                                :        Commercial Officer

        Job Ref No.                    :          DSC: 156/KIH/BUT/11/2021

        Salary Scale           :         U4 Lower

        No. of Vacancies             :        (02)


  • An Honors Bachelors Degree in Commerce, Economics, Cooperatives, Business Administration/ Studies, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting from a recognized university/institution.


  • Auditing books of accounts of cooperative societies;
  • Enforcing laws relating to the commercial and marketing sub-sector;
  • Monitoring and providing advice on prices of agricultural products and other commodities;
  • Producing reports on activities undertaken and advising the relevant authorities on the sub-sector;
  • Encouraging development of small scale industries in the area; and
  • Collecting and analyzing of commercial data for policy formulation.
  1. Post                      :         Senior Veterinary Officer

    Job Ref No               :         DSC: 156/KAN/ADM/12/2021

     Salary Scale              :         U3 Sc

     No. of Vacancies      :        (01


  • A Bachelor’s  degree of Veterinary Medicine from a recognized institution
  • Post Graduate Training in veterinary medicine as added advantage.
  • A minimum of 3 years experience in delivery of veterinary services in government or a reputable organization


  • Implement plans and Programmes in the livestock sub-sector;
  • Promote adoption of improved breeds and livestock production technologies;
  • Identify and report animal disease incidences and outbreaks;
  • Supervise laboratory activities, including sending samples to referral laboratory;
  • Promote animal health and animal welfare;
  • Collate and disseminate data on livestock sub sector;
  • Control intra and inter-district movement of animals and animal products;
  • Enforce quarantine and stock routes regulations;
  • Carry out veterinary inspection and certification;
  • Participate in licensing of traders in livestock, livestock products and by-products in collaboration with MAAIF;
  • Coordinate implementation of veterinary public health programs in the district;
  • Build capacity of staff and other stakeholders on delivery of livestock sub sector services;
  • Maintain and regularly update farmer’s register;
  • Promote farmer institutional development;
  • Promote agribusiness services;
  • Regularly conduct training needs assessments and develop capacity building programs for extension agents and other stakeholders.
  1. Post title                        :        Senior Assistant Secretary

    Job Ref No.                         :         DSC: 156/KAN/ADM/13/2021

    No. of Vacancies                 :         2 (Two)

    Salary Scale                         :         U3 L 


  • An Honors  Bachelors  Degree in Social Sciences, Development Studies, Social Work and Social Administration or  Arts or Business Administration/Business Studies (Management option) or Bachelor of Management Sciences, from a University.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration  
  • A Certificate in Administrative Officer’s Law from a recognized institution.


Atleast three (3) years of experience  as an Administrative  Officer  in Public or reputable organization.

Duties :

  • Assisting in the preparation of department work plans, budgets and reports.
  • Coordinating and preparing departmental meetings
  • Preparing situational reports and giving feedback on projects.
  • Coordinating the study and analysis of District Development Programmes.
  • Preparing and formulation of Development Support Programmes .
  • Carrying out field assignments including support supervision, monitoring

     and mentoring, training and other programmes.

  1. Post                      :         Enrolled Nurse

    Job Ref No.               :         DSC: 156/KAN/HLTH/14/2021

     Salary Scale              :         U7 Med

     No. of Vacancies      :        (2)


  • Must have Enrolled Nursing Certificate from a recognized Institution.
  • Must be registered and licensed with the Nurses and Midwives Council.


  • Receiving, registering and preparing patients for diagnosis;
  • Providing quality nursing care and treatment to patients;
  • Observing and keeping proper records about the patients;
  • Participating in Doctors/Clinical Officers Ward rounds;
  • Participating in bedside nursing procedures as a member of the caring team;
  • Preparing patients for meals and participate in serving them;
  • Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the patients;
  • Supervising and appraising Nursing Assistants and support staff;
  • Sensitizing patients and their attendants about basic health care practices; and
  • Compiling and submitting daily nursing care service activity reports.
  1. Post                      :         Health Assistant

        Job Ref No.           :         DSC: 156/KAN/HLTH/15/2021

        Salary Scale :         U7 Med

        No. of Vacancies   :        (5)


  • Must have a Certificate in Environmental Health Science or its equivalent from a recognized Institution.
  • Must be registered with the Allied Health Professionals Council.


  • Participating in Community Based Environmental Health Activities;
  • Enforcing Environmental Health Act, Regulations and By-laws;
  • Accounting for allocated resources;
  • Compiling relevant basic health data and submit to the Health Inspector;
  • Liaising with Local Authorities in organizing home improvement competition;
  • Participating in research activities; and
  • Compiling and submitting periodic reports.
  1. Post                               :         Askari

         Job Ref No.          :         DSC: 156/KAN/HLTH/16/2021

         Salary Scale                   :         U8 Lower

         No. of Vacancies            :        (10)


  • ‘O’ Level Certificate


  • Checking and properly locking premises at the close of the day;
  • Apprehending and questioning suspects for proper identification;
  • Directing visitors to the reception for more information;
  • Reporting theft cases and preparing reports to the authorities;
  • Patrolling premises to ensure maximum security;
  • Maintaining security of government vehicles; and
  • Keeping security at important entry points.
  1. Post                               :         Porter

         Job Ref No.          :         DSC: 156/KAN/HLTH/17/2021

         Salary Scale                   :         U8 Lower

         No. of Vacancies            :        (6)


  • ‘O’ Level Certificate


  • Cleaning the office environment
  • Cleaning the compound.



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